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Binder or not?

Binder works as additives to hold the particles together during briquetting process. With binder coated evenly on the surface, powder could adhere to each other. Many different units come as one strong briquette. So, binder helps a lot for the briquetting machine to achieve the best performance. For wet powder briquetting, the moisture content is controlled around 12-15%. Sometimes, drying process is recommended to reduce moisture. After then, briquette strength comes to its highest level.

However, for some materials, binder is not allowed. Why? Some process has strict control on the impurity. It is binder, meanwhile, also impurity. What should we do for such occasion? Dry powder briquetting machine could solve this problem. Featured with high pressure, hydraulic system of dry powder briquetting machine compresses powder heavily. Van Der Waals force between molecules keep them together, rather than binder adhesion.

These two processes are of different mechanism.