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How to choose suitable binder?

How to choose suitable binder?

Briquetting machine is applicable for various powders in waste & by-product, mineral & ore, chemical industry, such as mill scale, steelwork sludge, iron concentrate, sponge iron, magnetite, chrome ore fines, ferrosilicon powder, coal powder, caustic soda, quicklime or burnt lime, etc.

For most occasions, binder is used. Also, there are many different types of binder, which could be categorized into four groups based on mechanism:

1.   Van-der-waals force
2.   Mechanical linkage
3.   Forging
4.   Plasticization under pressure

Facing so many binders, which one is suitable for your material? Engaged in briquetting, HJ Machinery could give you the best professional advice. Both the type of binder and percentage are important.

Wrong type of binder wouldn’t give you satisfied result. And inappropriate percentage has bad influence on the strength.
Too less binder results in briquetting failure, too much binder brings more impurity which reduces the strength.