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Wearing parts of briquetting machine - the roller

Working under high pressure, abrasive environment, the roller of briquetting machine is the most wearing part. The service life is of great importance to the economic profit.

The material of roller is an important factor. What we use is two kinds of alloy steel, 65Mn and 9Cr2Mo (for special purpose, stainless steel is also available). Generally, roller of 65Mn could serve about 6-10 months, while roller of 9Cr2Mo could serve about 12-15 months. Of course, service life also depends on the working hours and the materials you feed into the machine.

Even of the same alloy steel, rollers processed by different thermal treatment show different performance. Our roller would undergo several processes in sequence, annealing to reinforce the tenacity for further machining, quenching to improve the hardness after machining, aging treatment of 6-12 months to eliminate the internal stress. For some extremely abrasive materials, carburization of the roller surface is necessary. The thickness of 2-3mm would extend the service life a lot.

What can you conclude now? Obviously, we are an engaged, serious manufacturer of briquetting machine, briquetting press, roller press. If you need briquetting production line or briquetting plant, come to us for the professional solution.

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